Monday, November 16, 2015


How exciting to get a mention on one of my favorite knitting and style blog, Fringe Association!  I designed this inspired by the KAL going on Instagram.  The name is a native word for dog.   I'm offering this design as a custom knit for purchase while I write the pattern up.  Email me, for pricing.  I still want a garment for me, and being more of a pullover style girl, I've queued Tokul by Andrea Rangel, and plan on knitting it in Quarry.

Saturday, November 14, 2015


I discovered when I published my last post that it was number 1000.  I have had a lot to say.  Still, there's a lot left unsaid.  Mostly these days having to do with rage.  All I can hope for is that what goes around, comes around.   I am still waiting for evidence that adage is true.
The knitting continues.  Working on some sample knitting, and this.  It's an attempt to upsize the Yoda sweater from my book to fit Madeline of the very long body.  It's using a lot of yarn, and I'm finding that my stash of brightly colored Kureyon is running short.  I'm about to purge an unfinished sweater for myself made years ago to finish this.  Fussy knitting with going on five different Kureyon color ways.

Monday, November 02, 2015

Putting Breaks On

So, the month of walking with a different dog sweater every day was over.  Some sweaters that were never before seen on the internet, and two new ones that I knit in October.  One is in the photograph here, using left over balls of Noro Hitsuji.  Madeline is freshly groomed in the photo, and looks fantastic, I think.
A few things were learned this month:
1.  As much knitting as I do, the kind that makes my heart sing is knitting for my dog.  I never get tired of it.
2.  I still prefer the pieces I design to everything else I've seen for dogs.
3.  As a platform, Periscope turned out to be unreliable.  Often we were not able to make a connection to record a broadcast.  All 31 sweaters are documented on Instagram, @luckypennyknits, if you want to take a look.
4.  Walking in this neighborhood can be treacherous.  This past week Mad had a tick pulled off of her face, and a few days later I had to pry a bone out of her mouth that she picked up on the sidewalk.  It was about the width of a trachea.  Fortunately I got it out before she choked.  I continue to horrified by the tick.
5.  Continued shopping in my stash has revealed that I have an incredible, high quality stash, and as much as I want to, I don't have the time to knit all the sweaters that I want all at once.  I'm giving myself permission to take my time.  Sustainable resource and all that.  I've rediscovered sweater quantities of yarn that I tried to sell a few years ago, and giving them another look.  Now I'm excited about that yarn again.
Over the past few weeks, there's been interest in the German translation of Doggie Knits.  It's Amazon ranking in Germany for knitting books has been consistently in the top 100, as high as 5th out of the top 100 knitting books.  I don't know what that means in terms of sales, but I think it's pretty good for something that was published over 5 years ago.   I had time over the past few weeks to add some expanded sizes to one of the designs in the book, and I think the time is approaching for a re-working of some of the more successful sweaters to possibly being released as single patterns with expanded sizing.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Weekends are Mine

We are trying to establish discipline in the Lucky Penny studio.  Like keeping Business Hours for the most part.  Working on projects pertaining to business during traditional hours.  I know there will often be times when we deviate from this, but for now there will be an effort to maintain discipline.  Sample knitting and design work are business.  Personal knitting might happen during a lunch break.  But for now, on weekends, it's my time.  This glove is what I knit this weekend.  It's Chinook from a Brooklyn Tweed collection.  In an effort to maintain austerity, I did some shopping out of my stash and found some Rowan Felted Tweed that worked perfectly.  It's a little thicker than Loft, but my hands are a bit bigger, so it works.  The big modification that I made to the pattern was to work a few rounds on the hand after I knit the pinky finger.  My pinky is set lower on my hands than the other fingers.  If I were to make these again, and that's likely, I would omit the fingers and just knit the top longer.  I like the option of being able to curl my fingers under the mitt when I don't need to use them.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Something New

I finished a new sweater for our #31daysofdogsweaters month.  I purchased the yarn for this at The Sow's Ear this summer, and one skein of this wasn't enough.  So the project languished for a time.  On follow up visits to the store, more of this color didn't appear, so I ended up purchasing the second skein at the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool festival.  This is Blackberry Ridge bulky in the color Cranberry.  This yarn is just so luscious.  The colors match some of the fall foliage that we are seeing on our neighborhood walks.  I had to remove the turtleneck collar and knit it longer, then I reattached it to the sweater with Kitchener stitch.   The sweater is just a little roomier than some of the others in her wardrobe, so I will be able to layer something underneath when we get to a hard winter.
I have a sweater that I knit for myself in the medium (worsted) weight that I just love, and gets lots of wear, and one treat that I added to my festival purchases was a kit for a pair of socks.
Starting now and through this weekend I am experiencing some serious Rhinebeck envy.  I should make attending next year a serious goal.  Amongst other things.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tooth Out Tuesday

We're still trying to broadcast our morning walks, with limited success.  I am posting every sweater worn to our Instagram feed (@luckypennyknits).   Mad hasn't worn this sweater often, and I honestly don't know why.  I love it.  It's knit in Noro Kureopatora, which is a lighter version of Kureyon, a favorite go-to yarn for dog sweaters.  I discovered that there is a super bulky version of Kureyon.  I need some!
Speaking of Instagram, I'll share with you some feeds that make me happy.   It's not all knitting and quilting.  I am obsessed with following other Pekingese, and I love Brussels Griffons.  One feed recently added, was The Rock.  He is so adorable, and I really liked his HBO series.  His comments usually make me giggle.  He had two French Bulldog puppies, sadly one died after ingesting poisoned mushrooms in the yard.  Always, always pay attention to what your pets are sniffing at outside.
The other one I added to a friend's feed and she has told me that seeing it always makes her happy.  Me too.  It's Wolfgang2242.  This cute guy named Steve lives with nine rescued dogs and one pig.  You would think that his home would be some kind of a mess with all those pets, but it always looks tidy and tasteful.  He has to have some serious housekeeping assistance.  My place is a disaster with just one human to look after.  Madeline is easy.

Thursday, October 08, 2015

Our Daily Walks

We've now done 8 of 31 anticipated morning walks, each day in a different sweater.  Periscope has not been cooperative on two of those walks, and we couldn't get a connection to do the live broadcast.  I've posted each day up on my Instagram feed. (@luckypennyknits)  The other issue is as much as I've been looking forward and expecting sweater weather, it's been pretty warm.  So Mad has only worn the lightest of sweaters.  It's going to be fairly warm next week as well.  I should have waited to November to embark on this project.
I knit this sweater for Madeline in 2013.  It's Schoppel Wolle Gradient.  I'm working on grading the pattern for multiple sizes.